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Thank you for your visit. My name is Allan Lee. This is the place where you can find the information about services. I can be reached at

Sometimes you just need some guidance when things are not going your way. It is always true that once you are on the right track, you just excel freely.  I came to realize that in order to gain the client's confidence is to let them try and decide if they want to continue to be mentored. This is why I offer my first hour to my client complimentary. My client can use that one hour opportunity to evaluate if I am the right mentor. My service is all about giving my client the value they deserve. I hope that you will enjoy your stay.

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Services Availability:

Personal Development Boost - re-invent your skill-set in career and finance.

Are you stuck in the same situation either in a job or relationship for a long period of time? Are you ready for a change? What do you need to make a change?

Attitude Re-evaluation - establish the "think-outside-the-box" process.

You think that you cannot get out of your current situation whatever that is. You feel that you are boxed in. Why not think outside the box?


My belief is sampling. For example, would you purchase a food product if there is a food sampling booth and you try the sample and like it? This is exactly what some companies are doing because it creates a win-win situation. As a potential customer, they have a chance to try it out and decide. For the company's perspective, they better understand what customers want. This is exactly what I do. In my first hour (which is complimentary) with a client, I will assess and identify what my client's needs are. Then I will devise a course of action plan which matches my client's goals. The key is that my system will deliver value to my client.

Coaching is an art of rapport. It requires an accumulation of trust over time.

About Allan Lee:

I moved to Canada when I was 16. I had no money and did not speak a word of English. Then I got some help from a friend.  He guided me to register in a high school. The next day I became a high school student. From that point on, I worked my way up. I knew I could find a job. I visited the nearest government sponsored employment service center. I specifically told the counselor that I wanted to blend in as quickly as possible and I wanted to practice my English. She handed a few job posting slips over to me. I was excited to see all the information on each slip. I knew that this was a ticket to becoming a real Canadian.

After several years of working in a real world, I gained so much in understanding Canadian culture and of course my confidence in speaking in English. I went to an university for a couple of years and realized that it was not my cup of tea. I thought that it was too theoretical. I needed something hands-on. Therefore I completed a diploma in a college and started my IT career. I ended up working for a private firm. Everything seemed to be nice and smooth until the company lost a lot of revenue one year. I was laid off. It was a logical decision when I am looking back with their perspectives. When a company relies on revenue, a drastic measure will happen when they don't make a profit. Fortunately the job market was hot. I found another job in less than a month. I worked there for 8 years. Then a project went sour and someone had to let go. Guess what? I was one of them. At the time, it coincided with the burst of high tech bubble. The job market was very bad. Since then I went through what I called an emotion roller-coaster. It took me 6 months to find my next job. During that 6 month period, I did a lot of "re-think" and "re-evaluate" of  what I had and had not done in the past. I knew that I needed to do something different. First and foremost, I need to develop something for myself where a system is "career-proof". My system is not affected if someone makes a decision whether my job is no longer needed. Secondly, my system is self-independent. Learnt from my experiences, it is a must! It does not rely on anything. Hell no! Lastly I designed my system to be scaleable, It has worked well for me for so many years. And I tweak it a bit as times go by.

Nowadays, I have three pillars in my service category - 1. Online/Face-To-Face Personal Development; 2. Online  Information Technology (IT) Support And Training; 3. Online Advertising.  My team is growing and we need talented partners. If you think you have what we need, let us know.

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